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 It all began back in our living room in our home town Gefle, a typical small town located in Sweden. We were re-designing our mum´s old scarves and other vintage clothes and created outfits that we wanted for ourselves. Non of us had any educational skills or practical experience from designing clothes, but somehow that did not stop us from trying. Two sisters, with one vision. To be honest, we were never into the latest trends or interested in fashion. We just wanted to create a platform for creativity where we could combine our longing to make difference. The is how the idea of Cornelia Sun was born and the year was 2014...

Today, almost 10 years later, we are proud that all elements of our collective are still a reflection of the values we still hold. It is with greater honor and respect that we up-cycle saris and we want to give back to the regions from where our textiles first originated. Two sisters with one mission – to change the world with style – became the core and heart in everything that followed ever since. I went to India in order to work in project that aimed to empower women and shortly after we took the opportunity to visit a family we had started to make contact with and they introduced us to our up-coming sewing partners in Kathmandu, Nepal. The same year we got our first retail partner, Sabina and friends, which was the first rental wardrobe in Stockholm and a bunch of similar stockiest followed. Only one year later we had retail partners all over the globe, from Aruba to Germany and in Maui, Hawaii. From start we gave away 10% of our turnover (not profit, but revenue) to our long-term partners in Nepal who aim to empower children and women through education. Gatubarn i Nepal, AVI Sikar and Wild Heights / HORAC – our heart are forever yours and we love you so much for everything you've done and for everything you still do for our children and global sisters in this area of the world. Your actions truly make all the difference. 

We will not forget and we will not give in – good things are still coming  💗
The collective took form, but my sister and I ran Cornelia Sun on our spare time because we wanted it to remain fun – and not about making money. Instead of opening a store on our own we started to team up with other creators and held lots of pop-up shops and events. It almost makes me cry writing this, because looking back at these memories awakes so much love and gratitude. Through these gatherings we got the chance to meet sooooooooo sooo so many talented, inspiring and conscious people! People with dreams, with hopes and with visions for something else – something better. People we met searched for someone who listened to their stories and that was exactly what we wanted this platform to hold space for. We dreamt of creating a collective where textiles talked and where fabrics could be canvas for people to colorize the world. A collective that not only was about fashion, but a way to re-connect people. A network built on stories and memories. Energies embroidered in up-cycled textiles which in some way could remind us of our oneness and that we all are nature. Up-cycled fabric previously worn by women in Nepal and India transformed into robes and got the chance to find longevity through people all over the globe. Prints that matter – in so many different ways both individually and collectively. Cornelia Sun became more than 'just another brand', yet more a symbol for a global sisterhood and for a vision shared by people who wanted to contribute to a more conscious and sustainable future. A way to walk the talk, from one sister to another 💗


Molly Sandén in Cornelia Sun

Talented Swedish singer Molly Sandén at Way out west festival 2018 where we together with Soda Lime hosted a huge party where artists and influencers got the chance to dress up for change in our one-of-a-kind robes.

So proud to be featured in UN magazine due to our work with the Global goals / Agenda 2030. 

Same period of time we also started to focus more and more on the global goals which led to collaborations with the Swedish UN (FN Sverige) in order to raise awareness and spread the knowledge about these important actions.
During these period of time we also teamed up with the organization 109 World runed by Oliva Rothschild and Rachel Brathén (aka Yoga Girl) and during these period of time we gave away all profit from this collection to their different projects with the same important ambition to create justice for girls all over the world. Together we had events and we learned so much from all these amazing people and change makers that we had the opportunity to meet through all these creative years – our hearts are full of love and gratitude for everything we made happen together in order to change the world with style. It was pure magic in motion 💗

And speaking of beautiful meetings with change makers: we also had a ambassador program for a while with YOU people contributing with your time, engagement and knowledge helping us share our vision through mini pop-up's and gatherings where sustainability got the chance to be topic of the day. These circles truly made a difference and our collective grew along with a collectively raised awareness about slow fashion and the great impact of small sustainable movements. To see so many of you use your creativity to change the world with style meant everything to me and my sister. We learned so much through this meetings and this program and we felt so blessed to find out how many heroes there are out there. We truly want to send you all a loving warm hug for participating and sharing your passion with us. Words can not describe the gratitude within our hearts and we are so humbled by the fact that you got inspired by the idea of letting old fabric speak once more. This is also how our blog serie called "HERstory matters" with personal portrait was born... 
and I mean, this could be a book in itself! Just have a look here in the blog and you'll dive into soooo many beautiful portraits of women we adore and are inspired by – change makers that colors the world into a better place. And all you amazing photographers who helped us frame our vision through out the years and all you stunning souls who are dressed up in our beauty in front of the camera.
I don't know if we have words who can describe our gratefulness for these beautiful pictures that will remind us of the core over and over again. Our tears just poor down looking through all these images – it's almost to much to handle.
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for letting us frame you and the incredible being you are in order to share with our collective and the rest of the world. Even if your way of walking the talk is just wearing your up-cycled robe, it is still a move in the right direction.

Tiny makes the big, right? 💗

Zero waste, yet lots of love. These words could truly be the headline of this little love letter of ours, because that is how it was. Two sisters, with one mission: we wanted to enable you to be the change in honestly produced beauty – textiles that already exits. And with hindsights, we made it happened. Cornelia Sun Collective turns 10 years next year, 2024. 10 years filled with beauty, laughter, important initiatives and tons of FUN! My sister and I have had so much fun. So, so much fun! We lived our dream, we lived our vision and we followed our hearts. We had the opportunity to spend time together and the favor to be creative as a team. Above being sisters, we also became best friends and developed a deep relationship that we today know is stronger than ever before and we have SO MUCH to thank this collective for this. All these years of both hard work and heart work truly strengthening the precious bond between the two of us and today we know there is nothing that can rip us apart  💗

So, why this SALE? And where are we going from here? you might wonder...

We do not know all the answers, but one thing we know for sure and that is that the only constant is change. Whether we like it or not. Through all these years Cornelia Sun has grew along with us and our personal development as human beings. When we were blessed with a puppy we started to create dog leashes in order to make sure it was less fabric on the cutting room floor and when my first baby was born a zero waste-collection for children came alive. Our collective has shaped through us and that is also the reason why we know have come to a point where our hearts tell us it is time to listening in once again. This time though, there will not be a new collection. This time the voice within our hearts sings about something else and to be honest we do not really know yet what this song is about. What we do know though is that silence speak when words can't and this collective deserves our presence. That is why we've come to a point where we've decided it's time for some rest. To let ourselves just be for a while. Not creating, not manifesting – just in the space of being. Running a small business comes with great responsibility and since we love Cornelia Sun as much as it was our first daughter we also want this collective to be cared for with gentleness and grace. Right now, we're in a chapter of our lives where our attention, our time and our focus is meant to be somewhere else and that is also what we want och how we want to remember these years when we look back later. So in order to be true to ourselves we have decided to press the paus bottom for while. What this means for the future we do not know, but we FEEL it's  not about giving in but to transform. It feels more like going into this cocoon where this silence from the outside could be perceived as it's over but on the inside something is about to reborn. Maybe this goodbye is not a goodbye? Maybe it is more of a 'we'll see you later and God knows how beautiful it might be"? We believe in the good things coming and therefore we decide to believe this is just like that. A point of transformation which sometimes means something needs to fade in order to be able to live in fully bloom once again.

A practice of gratitude, learning how to love and let go 💗

You know we still believe our designs come with a constant value, but to make sure all these gorgeous pieces will be able to have their future chapter written by you walking in these through life we offer you 30-50% off (the discount is automatically activated at checkout). So go dive into our magical wardrobe of robes that are still looking for a soul to fly high with. All made for change makers, dreamers and believers out there in order to enable you to change the world with style. We can't wait to find out what the next chapter of this fairy tale has to offer, but until then, make sure to take care of yourself, your loved ones and our mama planet. We adore you and we will see you again. 

Together, we'll not only make history but bring herstory forward.

We wish you all you wish for  – from one sister to another. 

Lisa and Julia,
co-founders, sisters and best friends