This is us: Lisa and Julia, sisters and co-founders of Cornelia Sun Collective. It all began back in our living room in our home town in the northern part of Sweden. Two sisters, with one vision – to change the world with style. We were re-designing our mum´s old scarves and other vintage clothes and created outfits that we wanted for ourselves. Non of us had any educational skills or practical experience from designing clothes, but somehow that did not stop us from trying. To be honest, we were never neither into the latest trends or interested in fashion in particular. We just wanted our creativity flow into a platform where our commitment to social good could grow and develop. In other words, all we ever wanted was to raise awareness about sustainability through our wardrobes. Today we are proud that all elements of our collective are still a reflection of the values we hold. It is with greater honor and respect that we up-cycle saris and we want to give back to the regions from where our textiles first originated. Come join us on our journey towards a more sustainable, fair and equal future. It´s time to walk our talk and show Mama Earth that we love, respect and care for both her and her people. This is our story and it is time to tell yours. Together, we'll not only make history but bring herstory forward – from one sister to another.

xx Lisa & Julia, sisters and co-founders

Cornelia Sun Collective

Cornelia Sun Collective is a Swedish based clothing label founded 2014 with an ambition to see beyond the traditional approach of fashion and work pro-actively with sustainability. Behind this conscious concept are two sisters and their vision is not only to enable you to walk your talk in responsibly produced beauty – but to change the world with style. 

These exclusive designs come with bohemian flair and with touches of both elegance and playfulness. The collective is often recognized for colorful, oversized kimonos that are made for you to wear whenever you need some color. The sisters did make all collections on their own, yet today is everything still designed in Sweden but proudly produced by small family-run businesses in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Each piece of art is handmade with love and all co-workers operate under both good economic and environmental conditions. In order to restore existing beauty is everything created out of up-cycled textiles and left-over fabric is taken care of in accordance with a zero waste-philosophy. This make every single garment one-of-a-kind and no matter what you choose to wear you’ll be exclusive wearing this particular print.

The textiles that the sisters use were previously worn as saris by women in Eastern Asia and your global sister’s memories and experiences are still kept within these threads. To ensure you are connected not only by heart each purchase contributes to empower young girls in the regions where the textiles first originated. Sustainable fashion that do not only do good for you and your soul, but for Mama Earth and her people.