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Cornelia Sun Collective is more than sustainable fashion and ethical principles. It is a force of good sprung from two sisters’s idea that we can change the world with style simple by dressing up in honestly produced beauty. We are on a mission is to restore and reuse what has already been given to us and above all – reconnect with each other on deeper level. Our beautiful designed logo type is made to illustrate this: 

The circle reminds us that we are under the same powerful sun and that the energizing moon is watching over us and our Mama Earth. This circular movement is founded for us to feel united and cared for and to let stories wander from one sister to another.

The C that encircles frame the bigger picture. To us, this symbolize stands for so many descriptions of our holistic view upon sustainability and it gives our mission a multi dimensional aspect that covers everything mentioned below...

...which complete our mission and close the loop in
both fashion and in Cornelia Sun Collective