10% of all sales go toward nonprofits with focus on empowering women in the region where our textiles first originated


According to us, the word 'sharing' has a deeper meaning. We founded Cornelia Sun Collective in order to develop a creative platform where our dreams about making the world a better place could grow.
Let your garment be a reminder of what is possible when unique individuals stand together for the benefit of all. 
By sharing we can create something twice as a big. Twice as magic. This is our way of giving back to Mama Earth and all her people. Dress up, walk your talk and always remembering – what we share is more powerful than what divides us. 


xx Lisa and Julia, sisters and co-founders


Over and over again, we see that when women succeed, communities succeed. According to this background our main goal is to support initiatives that aim to empower women and the youngest loved ones – our next generation. To us, it is a matter of course to give back to the communities where our fabrics first originated. Therefore we have partnered up with two longterm non-profits; one in India focusing on giving education to young girls and one orphanage outside Kathmandu in Nepal. 10% from each sold product is always donated to these organisations and to make sure that the donations meet the demand we have close relationship to the people we cooperate with. Based on their thoughts and in a dialogue with the organisation your contribution positive changes that are locally rooted; teachers are hired, hygiene products have been purchased to provide the young females with everything they need during their circle, school fees have been paid for all the children on the orphanage in Nepal and materials for the women project in India has been given. The list goes on and we´re happy to keep you informed in social media and our blog called STORIES

We believe that education is the key and raising awareness can be done in many ways. This is the reason why our 
engagement has an holistic approach that covers both physically, socially, financially and spiritual aspects. Our commitment is always locally rooted and we only partner with non-political and non-religious organisations with long lasting ambitions. Before we started to collaborate with the organisation in India we visited the project to increase our knowledge and co-founder Lisa stayed for two month to help develop the specific program focusing on women empowerment. We also have close relationship to the orphanage in Nepal where two of our friends and co-partners went to work. We always make sure that our donations meet the demand and that everything is locally anchored. Following are examples of what our collective has been contributing to lately; teacher wages, school fees for all children at the orphanage, sanitary for the young girls (in accordance to their request) and fabrics to make clothing for the children. Check out our blog called stories for frequent updates.