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As a consumer, you do have the power to close the loop in fashion and it´s not that complicated as you might think. We´ll always ask you one basic question before you go ahead and make a purchase; will you truly love this piece of art? If the answer is 'yes' – your time has come to not only make history, but HERstory. Look at your garment as your canvas, with a first chapter written by your global sister. The story ahead is yours to experience and we wish you a life long adventure. 

When you got yourself something from our collective we do recommend that you follow the instructions below to make sure your creation will stay in a good condition and last for many years ahead. Not only to save you money, but to save our Mama Earth. 


  • How we wash, dry and iron our clothes has a big impact on the environment. We also know that big change comes from small adjustments. Make Mother Nature happy – hand wash only! It is better for the environment and will prolong the life of the garment.

  • Use gentle plant based detergents when washing your garments.

  • Repair and mending doesn´t mean we can´t afford to buy something new – it means we can´t afford something being thrown away. Use your creativity and give your garment some love if you find out it needs some extra care. 

  • Recycle our gift bags to store and transport your Cornelia Sun piece of art.

  • Do not iron, rather use line dry or let the wind do the job. 

  • The material may be fragile (especially thin chiffon), so be careful so you don´t get stuck in anything. Keep in mind your garment is handmade and created out of  antique textile so the threads can come loose as a result of tough wear. The more torn a fabric is, the more character it has – we can see that it´s had some epic journeys.

  • Treat your clothes like the good friends they are – love them forever ❤ 

We are happy to answer any additional questions, please contact us at: info@corneliasun.se