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When we first started Cornelia Sun my sister and I made all designs ourselves. In the beginning it all worked out fine, but since we grew a little bigger we needed a helping hand. Therefore, we traveled to Nepal where our up-cycled textillies first originated and this is where we found our co-workers whom we work with since that day. 

Our garments are still designed by us in Sweden but since 2014 proudly produced by small family-run businesses in Kathmandu, Nepal. We’re dedicated to building long term, authentic relationships with our suppliers, and only work with factories that are committed to our ethical and sustainable values. My sister and I have visited our partner personally to make sure that our co-workers operate under both good economic and environmental conditions that correspond to our code of conduct. 

 Meet the makers behind your clothes and say hello to the artists who transform these beautiful textiles into fashionable clothing. 





Our collective was born out of this reflection, not perfection, and we continuously strive to improve ways of working towards a more sustainable environment and we´re determined to transform the fashion industry into a force for good. It is our responsibility to address these impacts in order to walk a little lighter on the earth. 

For example, we´re happy to know that our sewing house is powered by solar energy and that they are also reusing packaging material to reduce waste. Our intention is to identify processes within our sewing house that is detrimental to our environment, and assist them to implement more sustainable processes to eliminate or reduce waste and pollutions. 

And these principles covers are absolutely crucial. It covers flair working- and living conditions as well as values that which complies with our personal philosophy:

- No child labour
All our co-workers are over 18 years old and for the moment they are about 20 people working at the factory. Traditionally, most of these tailors are men, but we´re looking into a trainee program that aim to encourages more women to join. Can´t wait for this to be released!

- Fair living wages
This means that our partners are paid fairly and that all the wages are enough to maintain a normal standard of living (not equal to minimum wages).

- Regelated working hours
It implies 8 hour per day including breaks, Monday-Saturday (standard in Nepal).  

To ensure our partners hold on to these principles we also cooperates with a third party which is a Swedish family we known for many years. They help us with everything from visiting the factory to make sure everyone is enjoying what they do to organizing new samples that we´ve sent. Thanks to this transparency we are also glad to know our sewing partner comprises freedom of association, no involuntary labour and regular healthy and safety controls.

We are so grateful for the close relationships that we have developed with our co-workers at the factories and for the partnership we have built with Niklas, Fia and their beautiful little family who always are understanding our needs. Because of them – this collective is. So send them lots of love and don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. 



Goal number 12; Responsible Consumption & Production. One of the most important ones according to our business.  Learn more HERE

We are happy to answer any additional questions, please contact us at: info@corneliasun.se