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A couple of weeks ago we found ourselves featured in the Swedish UN magazine as one great example of a company that work with the global goals. So proud to be one of the companies that UN decided to pay attention to and it feels good to be able to share our view upon this framework so that others can find inspiration and walk the talk too. We were asked how we take action when we work with the global goals and what goals that are in our focus. Since we, in one way or another, work with all of them it was a little hard to tell in so few words, but we tried to bring forward the three of them that directly are linked within our daily work:

”Everything we do is anchored in Goal 12 - responsible cunsumption and production. We come up with sustainable fashion made out of up-cycled fabric and we always have a #zerowaste perspective in mind. Goal 4 - quality education - and Goal 5 - gender equality - also permeates everything we do since we’re on a mission to empower young girls with education within the areas where our textiles first originated” 

Cornelia Sun Collective's co-founder Lisa Bläckt in FN-förbundets (Swedish UN) magazine called Världshorisont
answering how we on a daily basis work with the Global Goals. 

2019 is here and by 2030 these goals should be achieved. We believe it is doable, but we do know for sure it takes more than just a few of us to get there. We all need to work together and we can all do something to make positive change. What goal do you want to aim a little extra for?
And how are you going to take action? The time has come to walk the talk and we can´t wait to march with you. 

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Together, we´ll change the world with style.