It all began back in our living room in our home town in the northern part of Sweden. Two sisters, with one vision. We were using our mum´s old scarves, patterns from vintage skirts and second hand clothes that needed a make over. Non of us had any educational skills when it came to designing clothes, but somehow that did not stop us from trying. We did not wanted to dive into the world of fashion because we were all about the latest trends or interested in styling. We just wanted to create a platform where our creativity could be channelized into something that could lead to social change. All we ever wanted was to find a colorful way to raise awareness about sustainability and global consideration. Today, we’re proud that all elements of our collective are still a reflection of the values we hold. Come join us on our journey towards a more sustainable, fair and equal future. It´s time to walk our talk – and change the world with style. 

xx Lisa & Julia, sisters and co-founders 




nowing where your clothes are made and under what conditions shouldn’t be a secret. We believe transparency is the first step to transform the fashion industry into a force of good. Cornelia Sun Collective is designed by two sisters in Sweden and proudly produced by small family-run businesses in Kathmandu, Nepal. Our team has visited our factories personally to make sure that our co-workers operate under both good economic and environmental conditions that correspond to our code of conduct. Find out more about our co-workers and say hello to the true artist behind your clothes >>

According to our philosophy, waste isn't waste until you waste it. We are dedicated to find beauty in ordinary things and reuse what has already been given to us. To make sure that as less textile as possible goes to waste in our production we always strive to extract as much as we can from each design. From the left-over material we create fashionable men accessories, children wear and dog leashes. Suddenly the print will be able to live once more – without bringing any harm to Mama Earth or her people. 



Our design is timeless and made for everyone who want to become a changemaker through their wardrobe. Kimonos and kaftans are our statement design and these pieces are often recognized as colorful with a bohemian flair and with touches of both elegance and playfulness. Seasonal collections are not for us and we do not fall for trends since kindness is always in season. We want you to be able to wear your garment all year round and to as many occasions as possible. Our designs are also made to be worn as unisex garments and we´re happy to know that people from all over the globe are representing our collective. The reason why we decided to made onesize instead of traditional sizes is because we want everyone to be able to go for the one special garment that calls their name. The structure of the sari is traditionally also a “one-size-fits-all” garment and this is also a reason why we our designs are made oversized. The loose fit does not only make it more comfy to wear, but is also good for Mother Earth since you do not need to wash that often. Once you decided to get yourself a piece of art from our collective – treat it with lots of love and love only. To make sure a life long adventure with your new wardrobe bestie we recommend that you follow these heartfelt advice >>



Cornelia Sun Collective is committed to change the world with style and close the loop in fashion once and for all. When you feel like you´ve written the last chapter of your unique garment we´re happy to help you transform the energy of the textile over again.

This is how it works: 

1.Treat your Cornelia Sun product with lots of love and wear it till eternity.  

2. If, you feel like you´ve come to the last chapter of your story along with your garment, pay it forward by sending it to our recycling centre:C/O CORNELIA SUN
791 46 FALUN

3. When your garment arrives we´ll send you a discount code.
NOTE! Please don´t forget to include your e-mail address.

4. Use your discount in our online shop and find yourself another print to embroider with your story.

5. Energy can never go away, just be transformed. Cornelia Sun Collective reuse the fabric and create new clothing for children, accessories and home decor. Zero waste, tons of love. 


In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 goals for a better world by 2030. These goals have the power to end poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change. Guided by the goals, it is now up to all of us, governments, businesses, civil society and the general public to work together to build a better future for everyone. These goals are fundamental in everything we do and serve as our guiding lines when we manifest our intentions for the future. These goals are our goals, but also our common framework. Our mutual responsibility for this one and only planet. Let these goals set the agenda for the colorful journey we all share. It´s time to take action and dress up for one another – it is time to walk our talk. 


Download our PDF with more information about how we take action accordance with the Global Goals.   

We are happy to answer any additional questions, please contact us at: