Cornelia Sun Collective is for anyone who believe clothing is more than just a way to dress up – but also a way to tell stories and take action towards a more sustainable, fair and equal future. Our colorful creations are created from textiles that previously have been worn by women as saris, traditional female garment that consist of a drape in thousands of variations. Saris are considered to be one of the oldest forms of Indian art and with this in mind it is with great humility we up-cycle these magical prints into our own design. These textiles are mostly worn by women in Asia and every region offer a different style of sari fabric crafted and designed using ancient techniques perfected over many years by the rural artisans. Some describe saris as an unstitched rectangle piece of sheer elegance and we do agree it is a piece of art. In the past, most saris were made of natural fibers such as silk and cotton, but synthetic materials such as polyester are also common these days. Saris are suitable from weddings to formal functions and official meetings to social get-togethers and girls typically start wearing a sari when they are at least 16 years old or older. Moreover, it looks gorgeous on women of all ages and builds 

Meet Kabita Neupane – a 42 year old woman running a grocery store in Kathmandu, Nepal – and learn more about the heritage of these incredible handcraft and follow the journey from sari to kimono  >>


Our ambition is to restore the beauty of textiles that already exist and w
e´re always striving to learn more about the heritage of the material that we use for our design. When we choose our saris we put great effort and joy in selecting the most beautiful prints that speak to our hearts. In our eyes, this way of up-cycling is not only a way towards a more sustainable fashion industry, but also a way to reconnect people from all over the globe and interlace stories to empower women. Our intention is to reconnect you with your global sisters and the one only Mama Earth. We would love for you to look at your garment as a canvas where the first chapter is written by your global sister where her memories and experiences lay within these threads. To us, it is a great honor to pay forward these spiritual messages embedded in each print and we hope you feel her magical vibration in every step of the way. Let your garment be a reminder that what we share is more powerful than what divides us. 




>> What are your next chapter about and what does your print tell you?
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