10% from each purchase is given back to the region where these up-cycled textiles first originated in order to empower and support young girls through education

We´re both humble and proud to introduce you to our latest longterm collaboration with the incredible changemakers of the swedish based Wild Heights.  This small non-profit organization mission is to support a orphanage in Taudaha which is a small village outside Kathamndu in Nepal. This place is runed by HORAC, which stands for Home for Rescue of the Afflicted Children. The main purpose of the organization is to work for the welfare of the children, especially those who are the victim of political conflict in the country and the extreme poverty. Learn more >>

Many children lost one or both of their parents during the conflict or are abandoned by their extremely poor parents to languish in the streets, beg and face exploitation deprived of their basic human rights. This organization provides the basic needs like food, accommodation, clothes, education, love and care, special guidance and takes care of their basic rights, so that these children will be capable of living a meaningful life and contributing to the society in future. 

Since day one, we have also supported a local non-profit organisation in India called the AVI. This is a grassroots organisation primarily being run by volunteers and it is based in a small village in the Northern part of India called Sikar. The main goal is to provide, personal growth, safety and fun in our programs that are included in the projects for the various fields. Sustainable development of a community or society along with the family could be achieved on the basis of the fact that there is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.  

In this particular part of Northern India, women do often have no earnings and therefore they remain dependent on their family for livelihood and this is the main reason why they are not provided with equal rights. Women are also the victims of domestic violence because they have limited access to several important resources and employment opportunities. The thing that can help the women to live a dignified life and protect themselves from domestic violence is empowerment and it is must to be provided to them. And this is where you come in. 


We chose to partner with this organisation because we´ve been participating in the project two month ourselves when co-founder Lisa were developing the project that aiming to empower young girls (2014). This experience gave us the knowledge and insights in how small contributions actually can make big difference for the people involved. Each step counts! 


The 10 % we donate is based on our revenue (not profit since we want to make sure there is something to give away) and we always make sure that the donations meet the demand. For example we always involve the children and the young girls and ask them what they think is the most important thing to develop and their opinion is absolutely crucial. Based on their thoughts and in a dialogue with the organisation your contribution positive changes that are locally rooted; teachers are hired, hygiene products have been purchased to provide the young females with everything they need during their circle, school fees have been paid for all the children on the orphanage in Nepal and materials for the women project in India has been given. The list goes on and we´re happy to keep you informed in social media and our blog called STORIES. All this is possible thanks to you – and your conscious choice to dress up from one sister to another. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.