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”Once women find sisterhood, there is nothing stronger”.

Wise word and according to us, the truth. There is nothing stronger. We are blessed with many of your stories about women coming together and we feel so happy when you share these moments with us. It is also such a blessing to hear that you feel empowered by wearing your kimono. That deeper connection that remind us that we're in this together is much more present when you dress up in your global sisters memories which lay within these threads. One story in particular has truly stolen our hearts and we're forever grateful to find that our kimonos are involved. It is a story about loosing the one you love – and finding her spirit through the joy of being and belonging. This post is a tribute to the ladies behind this initiativ, and a salutation to Eva, who still lives in every single dance. 


In the end of last year a woman named Tina contacted us. She told us that she fell in love with our collective at an event in 2016, called Magic in Motion (a beautiful gathering where we back then had a pop-up shop). Back then Tina bought her first kimono and since that day she decided to dress up for change. And she did – to say the least. 

In May 2018 Tina started a dance collective called 'Eva's Angels' together with 11 other women. These women did this as a tribute to their beloved friend Eva who passed away in cancer after fighting against the disease for 7 years. Eva is described as this sparkling, positive ray of sunshine who always chose to live life fully. She was a true inspiration and that particular friend you wanted to be around. Tina and her soul sisters founded this platform in the memory of their dear heroine Eva in order to honor her and to celebrate her spirit.   

Through the dance sessions could these women learn to deal with their grief and they find a safe space where their bodies were able to move through the pain. Tina and her friends got help from a dance teacher named Johanna who took them on a journey where they were introduced to different kind of dance styles. This made these ladies move out of their comfort zone and while dancing they felt confidence. This dance community suddenly turned out to be something much bigger than just a platform for movements – it started to literally save lives.

The front of the calendar 'Evas Angels' – all these changemakers in
Cornelia Sun kimonos. We feel so blessed and honored ❤ 

Tina and her friends decided to share their experiences with the world. And they wanted to make sure they did everything they could to help others who have fall victim to cancer. With this vision in mind they created a calendar for 2019. A diary with the purpose of encourage you to live your life fully and also as a cheering note to self that you are beautiful as you are. And this is where Cornelia Sun Collective comes in. Tina came up with the idea that everyone should wear our kimonos when they were shooting for the calendar. She thought the design was the perfect match since it has a deep connection with the power of sisterhood. So, they all dressed up in their colorful creations and here is the beautiful result.... 

Tina and her amazing friends – all dressed up in Cornelia Sun kimonos. 

We feel so honored and tremendously proud, it is such a gift to be linked to these people. And the best part of this intiativ is that these amazing ladies sold their calendar in 500 copies which resulted in 75 000 SEK (approx 7 000 EURO / 7 800 USD) and THEY DONATED EVERY SINGLE PENNY TO CANCERFONDEN  ❤ 

– in english this means "dare to live, dance and be free". 


So. Much. Love. We are beyond grateful to find our design being worn by these incredible women who deserves the biggest most warm-hearted hug ever for this beautiful initiativ. So inspiring and it brings us so much hope for humanity! This is what sisterhood is all about; being there for one another in both good times and in bad. Thank you Tina for sharing your story with us and thank you and your soul sisters for showing the world that it is possible to move through loss and grief. We are sure Eva is so so proud of you and that she moves her hips too when you turn that music on.

Once women find sisterhood  – it will never go away. 

Much love, from one sister to another

xx Lisa, co-founder 

”Du slutade aldrig att leva, du började aldrig att dö…” som sången till dig i kyrkan började.Precis så var det.
Du hade kvar din livsglädje och livsgnista in i det sista. Du är vår hjältinna, Eva!