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Today is the last day of 2018. Another year has come to an end and we´re all reflecting upon all the days that have passed by. Days of laughter, days of tears. Media has constantly been reporting about all the bad, terrible things that is going on around our globe. When  the UN reported that we only have 12 years to limit the climate change catastrophe I´m sure we all felt a bit scared. And perhaps, also small. Can I actually do something to prevent this world from tearing apart? And does it actually matter if I choose sustainable alternatives ahead of others when there still are way bigger players out there causes pollutions along with politicians who do not seem to care? I bet we all fight a inner struggle with these kind of questions once in a while. But it is not true, your choices do matter. We can all make a difference and we all need to consider what kind of future we would like to see. For ourselves, for the ones who come after us. And the course of this future is written today.


Personally, to me, this year has been the best year so far in my life and the reason why is spelled R u t h – my daughter. She came with sunshine and even if motherhood for sure is roller coaster there will from now on always be this light known as unconditional love guiding us wherever we need to go. Julia is the greatest sister and auntie you could ever have and sometimes it feels like little Ruthie is hers as much as mine. Becoming a mother has also made it all much more serious to me. Cornelia Sun has always been me and my sisters way of taking action towards a more sustainable future and the force behind has its roots way deep within. We believe in humanity and we care for our Mother Earth. This is why we´re doing this and this is why we will keep on coloring each and every wardrobe into more conscious closet. Since Ruth came around she made it even clearer to us – a change needs to happen and it needs to be done now. Not tomorrow, not the day efter that. NOW. To us, she represents the future and we owe her and the rest of her generation that. Their future is literally in our hands. Next year we will continue to walk our talk and we wish for you to follow. 

We like to sum up this year by saying THANK YOU so much for being you. When you write your comments in our feed, reaching out at pop-up shops or purchasing our design it truly sets our hearts on fire and most important – it gives this fashion industry a better chance to transform into a force of good. Without your kindness, nothing of this would have happened. And without kindness in general we will not be able to make the changes that are needed for this planet to recover.

Our intention for 2019 is to be of service for our Mama Earth and her children. Our intention will be centered around compassion, love and kindness and in the end of the day we ask our attention to make space for gratitude. We will continue to be an alternative to fast fashion and we will share our knowledge about sustainable consumption both via social media and IRL where we hope to see you all. We believe that we all are able to manifest good and achieve our dreams if we dare to take action. And that doesn´t mean you have to change yourself, but perhaps you need to reflect upon old habits to find out there are other ways to go.

We choose to believe in the good things coming and we manifest to do good by being the change we wish to see.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please do remember that your voice, your choices and your intentions matter. Not only to yourself and your own well being, but to all of us. There is no planet B, so lets stick to the one we already have. Together we are one and when we make space for healing and love the result will be interlaced with the recovery of our pachamama. We wish you all a happy new year and days filled with light and warmness. Looking forward to co-create history with you beautiful souls while making sure herstory always matters. This is the beginning of a new magical era – let us continue to change the world with style.

xx Lisa and Julia Bläckt, sisters and co-founders of Cornelia Sun Collective 

Pictures by magnificent Pauline Holden