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Cornelia Sun´s ambassador program is a community of likeminded women and men around the world who embody the dream lifestyle. it is a conscious global platform for all types of physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment; this is a space to connect with one another, to inspire each other and to help each of us manifest our dreams.

we support a life of adventure and wellbeing by providing members with the ability to earn extra income doing what they love. together, we are a platform of women which share meaningful content and products to further our collective mission through education, arts, music, and play.

we are here now to unlock the knowledge that lives inside us. we are taking our lives into our own hands. we are creating the futures we want, actively progressing in mind, body and spirit.

we’re changing the way the fashion industry does business to be more ethical and meaningful - with your help!

sign up now to join the movement: https://teeki.getambassador.com/



anyone! if you love wearing teeki and enjoy connecting with your community, we invite you to be part of our ambassador program. we offer this opportunity to all our teeki girls to share the abundance and empower each of you with the opportunity to become an influencer and entrepreneur.


as an ambassador, you’ll earn 10% commission in cash on every order purchased through your referral link!

once you have your referral link, there are dozens of ways to put it to work for you.


send direct, personalized messages to friends and family via email or text 
publish social media post directing viewers to your campaign url. be sure to use hashtags: teeki, teekitown, teekigirls, teekiambassador and tag @teekigram, facebook.com/teeki.life and other relevant social handles 
share your personalized url in your social media profile for easy access for your followers to make purchases 
write a blog post, including provided images and editorial content. include our top keywords for seo: teeki, leggings, womens yoga pants, teeki girls, teekiambassador. you may use the info on our sustainability page as suggested editorial content. 
add teeki ads on your site (assets are provided in your ambassador dashboard) and link the ads to your referral link. we provide the code as well! 
success tips:

always include your trackable campaign url in all content and hyperlinks


our business is built on the principle that when our customers succeed, we also succeed as a brand. having an ambassador program allows us to reward those who spread the teeki love.

by joining the movement, you’re enabling teeki to innovate and increase our impact. we’re constantly coming up with new, better ways to make fun clothing that furthers our collective mission. we have outlined an ambitious set of goals we strive to accomplish.


you are helping us to purchase, conserve, and rewild natural forests and waterways. 
you are helping to support the build out of an eco retreat center. a folk love church revival. a hippie country club all on native ceremony grounds. a music + movement space where the community and people from around the world can come, play, eat organic foods, indulge in the mineral springs, have a spa day, ride horses, dance in the dancehall, dream in teepees, hear progressive speakers, and relax in a friendly community environment in harmony with the earth and ourselves. 
you are helping to share the keys of knowledge to our community members to honor our earth and uphold ancient traditions. 
you are helping to increase our use of clean energy each year, with an overall goal to obtain 100% of our energy use from renewable sources. 
we currently ship all wholesale shipments carbon neutral. you are helping to enable us to make all shipping carbon neutral soon. 
you are supporting us hiring local and paying fair, living wages.

our mission + sustainability

you may use any of the content on our sustainability page when sharing about teeki.