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Today is a day called Circular Monday and it may occur to you as just another anti-campaign? Well, not really. We do not only believe that the future is circular and that a sharing economy will be norm instead of the old, boring and linear wear-and-tear-economy. According to us, all living souls take exsist in circularity, we just tend to forget our true nature. 

In order to remember and to highlight circular fashion we are happy to once again join a great Swedish initiative called Circular Monday
This is a conscious initiativ that aims to highlight circular options and give you alternative to fast fashion which sits really well with our vision which is to change the world with style. 

We are also participating in Medvetens Konsumtions Tradera Aktioner where you can bid on three different robes from us. This initiativ is called 'Hela Sverige cirkulerar' and (in Swedish) är en kampanj startad av Medveten Konsumtion för att få hela Sverige att göra ett gemensamt ryck och rensa sina garderober, skåp och källare på saker man inte längre har behov av men som kan vara till glädje för någon annan. Kampanjens syfte är att få fler att bli cirkulenter och på lång sikt avveckla Black Friday och slit-och släng konsumtion. Dela och delta så är du med och skapar en hållbar framtid!

What does circular consumption mean, really?

Circular consumption, means that you can consume as much as you want, but it doesn’t require new resources from Mother Earth. It is the new way of doing things, instead of the good old "wear and tear".  In circular consumption, you are the user of things instead of being it’s owner and still; you buy what you need, you want what you have. By acting as a circular consumer we can extend the life of a product so that it can be used a lot, often and for a long time – but most importantly – by many.

Here is some example of circular economy and how we work with it



Before internet & music streaming was invented, CD’s were produced and shipped all over the world.
Now, more people can listen and no production is needed. Same with housing rental.

The way we work with this is through clothing libraries; rent your clothes instead of just buying. By leasing you can expand your wardrobe in our virtual closet and it is not only better for you but also the environment. Sharing is caring!


When you got a flat tire on your bike, do you repair it or buy a completely new bike?
That’s right, repair. Let’s do the same with electronics & clothes as
– and demand repair services from the big players we buy products from.

According to us,  repairing and mending doesn´t mean we can´t afford to buy something new – it means we can´t afford something being thrown away. We look at all our garments as friends. Good friends who once in a while need some extra support. Working with up-cycled textiles requires some extra touch. In some instances the stories written by the ones who first worn the fabric may have left some small tracks such as tiny loose threads or tiny stains on the fabric. According to us, this is a beautiful part of the history where your global sister's memories and experiences are embedded in the print. Majority can easily be fixed by a stitch or two. And if not? The sky is the limit when we talk re-design! And do not underestimate zero waste-thinking, just have a look here for example. Use your creativity and give your garments lots of love – the most sustainable closet is the one we already have. 


Have you heard of marketplaces like Ebay? Or Facebook Marketplace?
Their marketplace enables products to be reused.

My sister and I founded this collective in 2014 and since that day we've been working with up-cycled textiles. We reuse fabrics previously worn as traditional saris and re-design these into new pieces of art. Why? Because want to make sure that all that beauty that already exists can have a chance to maintain. Because we know these prints come with stories written by women – stories worth to pay forward. We reuse these textiles because we honor the history and we care for the future. So much good has already been created, why not take care of what's already here? Just have a look into your own wardrobe, we promise you that there are lots of memories embedded in your garments too. Let's bring these stories back to life again by giving these clothes a second chance. When reusing what we already have we can not only save money – but also our planet. 

How do I participate?

Simply share a photo of yourself, or a group, and share on social media including the hashtag #circularmonday and if you like, use our hashtag #changetheworldwithstyle
Try to connect it to reuse, repair or rent,
but feel free to be as creative as you want with the photo!

Check out  @circularmonday and @corneliasuncollective for inspiration

xx Lisa and Julia, co-founders and sisters Cornelia Sun Collective