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Last year was tough – no doubt! Many of us struggled a lot both physically and mentally, personally and business wise and the absence of up-lifting gatherings face-to-face truly affected us both as individuals as well as collectively. Despite this strange new way of living good things also took place. Can you relate to the feeling of some kind of global awakening? People started to question what truly is important in their lives and solidarity started to play an important role. Somehow, 2020, also came with light – which we decided to restore & infuse.

A new year is here and to cherish the winds of the new we want to celebrate this with a launch of our brand new collection. Let´s call in the good things coming, consciousness and justice, balance and peace. Meet our golden jewelry collection named in line with its engraved message...


Our logo stands for circularity – and so do we. Therefore, we decided to manifest our vision in 14K recycled gold. This led to a hand-crafted necklace made to strengthen your inner light and in order to remind you to reconnect to your power within. The divine circle reminds us that we are under the same powerful sun and moon and just like Mama Earth everything moves in circles,  including us. The 'C' illustrates this Collective of changemakers; all the compassion, creativity, the colors and the conscious actions we hold. A reminder that you're full of potential, wisdom and ability to be the change. A necklace in order to remind you to reconnect to the light within knowing that what we share is more powerful than what divides us.



Exclusive, eco-friendly and empowering. By wearing this particular necklace you´re not only helping us to restore and strengthen Mother Earth, you are also standing up for women & and our next generation. ALL PROFTS go to our local projects in Dalarna where we wish to build a platform in order to create a safe space for young girls to find inner strength and reconnect to their wisdom within. A platform that actually is named exactly the same; Concept studio Reconnect.

More info coming 2021 (opens in Dalarna, Sweden 2022) 



To us is sustainability not only a core value, but a matter of course. Traditional methods of sourcing gold have heavily impacts on our Mama Earth and her people. We want to offer you an alternative and restore all the beauty that already exists. In accordance with this zero waste philosophy we created all our disc pendants in 100% recycled gold, reclaimed from post-consumer waste. Each single piece of art is crafted in 14k solid gold so you can trust it won’t oxidize or tarnish. Wear as often as your heart desire and add this circle of trust into your already vibrating field of energy flow. 

 Our co-workers in Cordoba, Spain – literally creating golden magic.

Cordoba co-worker


Spain is our second home and we love the beautiful handicrafts made in this inspiring country. Therefore, we decided to let talented jewelry artists in Cordoba, Spain do their magic. We are proud to collaborate with this small scale factory where 8 women and 10 men are transforming recycled gold into pieces of art. These amazing artist work under fair and safe working conditions which regularly are updated via health and safety controls to be fully adapted to the Spanish law. We wish to go visit our co-workers soon, but at the moment it´s not possible due to the pandemic. Stay tuned for updates.

A reminder to stay gold – just the way you are. 

No matter what comes next, there is always enough light for us to see. You know we believe in the good things coming and this we want this to be a statement for the values we hold. Cheers to health and to the ability to create a feeling of togetherness – even in times when we may be distant apart. You belong and your actions matter. There is always enough light to be found. 

It´s time to trust the magic of new beginnings – it´s time to reconnect.

From one sister to another – Lisa & Julia

sisters, best friends and co-founders 
of Cornelia Sun Collective