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Since day one has our mission been to create a fashion brand with a greater purpose and the Global Goals is the frame work to our business plan. This 17 goals is everyone´s to work towards and our personal goal is to create platform where we enable you to dress up to positive change and make the global goals a part of your wardrobe (learn about our work with these guidelines here).

Today we were invited to discuss the Global Goals at the Swedish UN department. Such an good initiativ and so inspiring to share and hear stories about other companies work with the Agenda 2030. We were happy to find out that more and more people know about the goals and above all – know how to walk their talk! 

According to us, Goal 4 – Quality Education – is particularly important since we believe that education is the key in general and a prerequisite to accomplish the other 16 goals. Our Ambassador Program is one of the things we have created to enable you to actually walk your talk. Another great example of how we work with this goal (and also Goal 5 – Gender Equality – is that we donate 10% of our resume to our non-profit partners who focus on girls and pay school fees for these money.


Co-founder Julia Bläckt and Karin Johansson, Head of Sustainable Development at Swedish UN. Can´t wait to share what we have planned for the future – super exciting things in the pipe! So thrilled!  

Until then, don´t hesitate to contact us for tips how to make the Global Goals a part of your daily life. It ain´t that hard. All you have to do is to dress up for another. 



Cornelia Sun Collective