We collaborate to create change. In accordance to the global goals this is one of our core values and we´re always looking for changemakers willing to partner up for a better world. We´re bouth humble and proud to introduce you to our latest longterm collaboration with the non-profit organization Wild Heights. A small movement founded by two young inspiring ladies from the mountains of Sweden, in a little forest town known as Åre.

Matilda, Nicole and Alexandra, who now are in Nepal working for change.

 Thanks to Nicole and Alexandra who are the incredible women behind this initative we´re from now on able to support a orphanage Taudaha,  a small village outside Kathamndu in Nepal. This place is runned by a  a non-profit social organization called HORAC, which stands for Home for Rescue of the Afflicted Children.

The main purpose of the organization is to work for the welfare of the children, especially those who are the victim of political conflict in the country and the extreme poverty. Many children lost one or both of their parents during the conflict or are abandoned by their extremely poor parents to languish in the streets, beg and face exploitation deprived of their basic human rights. This organization provides the basic needs like food, accommodation, clothes, education, love and care, special guidance and takes care of their basic rights, so that these children will be capable of living a meaningful life and contributing to the society in future.

Wild Heights has fundraise lots of local events in Åre, Sweden, which for example have made it possible for the orphanage to provide the kids with school uniforms, backpacks and new books for all the children. 
We believe that education is the key to a more sustainable and fair world. And raising awarness can be done in many ways. We believe people know for themselves what they need and to us it´s important that everything we do is locally rooted. Every effort has therefore been designed accordingly to the current need and well anchored with those concerned.

The first contribution we handed over from sales has just been launched. In dialogue with teenage girls at the orphanage we ended up shopping. Why, you may wonder? When Nicole and Alexandra talked to the girls at the orphanage about what they thought they needed to make their days easier they all came up with the same answer; they wanted pads for their period! 
Wild Height´s Nicole in her Cornelia Sun kimono together with one of the girls from HORAC - both on a mission to walk their talk and make a difference. 


The girls also got new undies since they didn´t have any proper ones. According to us, health isn ́t a goal – it ́s a way of living. Helping these young girls by providing them with menstrual hygiene kits is just the beginning. 

The girls were so happy to get all the neccessities they had been lacking for so long. Having your period can be really complicated if you don´t have the hygien products you need, but also in general.

...and especially in Nepal where menstruation traditionally is a shame and women can be banished to cattle sheds during their period; Learn more.
The only way to end this stigma is through education. We´re so proud to be a part of this movement who make this young girls aware of their human rights. 
For the money we donated from 5% of the revenue between october and december 2017 we could provide ten girls all the pads, hygiene products and underwears they need for a TWO YEAR PERIOD OF TIME!!!!!
ISN`T IT AMAZING??!? These girls are no able to live more FREE and their human rights are more than just words.

These young ladies think so. And so do we.
Gratitude and love from Nepal and our global sisters.
And gratitude and LOVE from us and our sisters at Wild Heights.
Real stories creates a real world. These young girls and the children at the orphanage may live on the top of the world within the reach of the summits of Himalaya, but there are obstacles to climb and there is still a long way to go to reach a fair and equal conditions. We do believe we´re getting there though and thanks to YOU we´re getting closer to the top each and every day. Let´s continute to dress up for one another and raise awareness about sustainability and human rights. Small acts can actually lead to great impact.
Together we´ll show the world that there aint no mountain high enough.
xx Cornelia Sun Collective
Lisa and Julia Bläckt with team