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In English: Help us help them to avoid human trafficking in Nepal. 

"Think global, act local". A great way of saying but above all – a great way of living.  Saturday, June 13, we are proud and thrilled to partner up with our neighbors Barbro & Peter in Tomnäs (Dalarna) and support their annual Tomnäs Music Festival which they set up in order to empower children, and especially girls, in Nepal.Barbro & Peter are two creative souls who have arranged this festival for more than ten years. This couple is just pure kindness and in different colorful forms they dedicate their hearts to make a difference for the next generation. By opening up the space in their beautiful garden they invite people to come together and connect through a higher purpose. Since we just moved to this particular place we have never been visiting this magical event earlier, but  we can definitely imagine how dreamy it use to be and what an evening of joy it must be like. The concerts are usually held in their beautiful barn, but this time around, due to the Covid-19,  the festival will be digital which is brilliant since it enables ALL OF YOU to join in no matter where you are located in the world. How great isn't that?

"We building a bridge between Tomnäs (Sweden) and Kathmandu (Nepal).
You are welcome to donate during the evening and support the non-profit Gatubarn i Nepal".

Barbro and Peter, two creative souls with big warm hearts beating for the future generation 

Music speaks universal language and this special evening truly shows us that sharing is caring. All contributions from the festival will go to the Swedish/Nepal non-profit Gatubarn i Nepal (The Society for Street Children in Nepal) and their important and incredible work for children and young women in Nepal. It is actually such a coincident that our ways came across since my sister and I decided to support this association long ago before we knew anything about this particular festival. Somehow, we ended up knowing the same changemaker and all out of a sudden I found myself helping Barbro & Peter recording their talk. What you seek is seeking you, right?

A glimpse of the magic and how it normally looks like, this year though it will be digital and it goes live June 13, 7 PM via  >> HERE

To give you a little background information about this non-profit we would like to introduce you to a association that truly make a difference in this world.   Gatubarn i Nepal was founded in 2010 and has ever since been working to support and empower children and young women in Nepal. This long-term work is based on sustainable principles in accordance with the Global goals and all projects are based on human rights. Via local support they run a home for girls who have lived on the street in Kathmandu and provide them with education and safety. In a move to bring about a reduction in childbirth deaths, they have also begun to educate midwives. This special program is given to young girls from poor families with no access to higher education. Highest priority is given to girls since they in particular run the risk of human trafficking and we can´t imagine anything more important than supporting this.  Everything this organization dive into is 100% locally anchored in order to meet the actual demand and the main goal is to help people helping themselves.  We love this way of working for change and therefore this will be the beginning of a long-term partnership. 

Eva and Ida are two power women and among other changemakers they are the warm-hearted force behind the amazing work of this non-profit. Their work in Nepal is conducted on a small scale with a long-term perspective, aiming for sustainability rather than quantity. 
We are so proud to personally know Ida since we studied Human Resources years back and this lady is such a wonder woman and a great role model in so many ways. Wow! Together with the amazing founder of Gatubarn i Nepal named Eva, Ida is a field worker and she truly knows injustice learning from her own experiences and she is dedicated to be of service to make sure her global sister's voices are being listened to. Both my sister and I are blown away by her fiery energetic spirit and we are so proud of knowing a person who truly knows AND acts upon what sisterhood is all about. Above all, we are so so proud of these young girls in Nepal, whom despite painful circumstances, keep on fighting for their human rights. Each and everyday. 

Learn more about the amazing work HERE

Flickhemmet 2

Picture is taken from Gatubarn i Nepal and all the children agreed to be in the photo. 

Don´t miss this blissful evening and be the change you wish to see. We enable you to become a changemaker through your wardrobe.
The only thing you have to do is to make sure to shop your favorite piece online via our website during the festival. 


 (goes live 7 pm Saturday June 13)

For alternatives ways to support and to find out what your donation covers  CLICK HERE

We are so very lucky to share this event with you and of course we will do our part to contribute to a more sustainable, fair and beautiful world. We could never in a million years understand what life is like for these children, but we will stand with them no matter what. It is time to walk our talk – and dress up for the change we want to see. We are thrilled to see what this collaboration can bring forward and we know that we literally can set the tune for the future by moving in the same direction. Listen in – take action. 

We know you have the power to change the world with style.

 from one sister to another 

Lisa and Julia
sisters and co-founders
Cornelia Sun Collective