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Join the Fashion Revolution!


Today is the kick off for this year´s FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK (23th-27th April) and of course we’re ready to walk our talk and raise awareness about sustainability.  So what is this, you might think? 
Fashion Revolution is a global movement calling for greater transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry. We want to unite the fashion industry and ignite a revolution to radically change the way our clothes are sourced, produced and purchased, so that what the world wears has been made in a safe, clean and fair way.


On the 5th anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, which killed 1,138 people and injured many more in 2013, we encourage millions of people to ask brands #whomademyclothes and demand greater transparency in the fashion supply chain. Since Fashion Revolution started, people from all over the world have used their voice and their power to tell brands that things must change. And it’s working. It´s working because of YOU. 

When you ask brands; Who made my clothes? there is something happening. because of course you want to be able to answer that question, right? Knowing where your clothes are made and under what conditions shouldn’t be a secret. We believe transparency is the first step to transform the fashion industry into a force of good. We’re dedicated to building long term, authentic relationships with our suppliers, and only work with factories that are committed to our ethical and sustainable values. These creative, talented people are the first changemakers in the circular process and each stitch matters. Meet the makers behind your clothes and say hello to the people who transform vintage textiles into fashionable clothing with a greater purpose. 

This is a picture taken today and here are some of the guys helping us making these beautiful up-cycled saris into beautiful kimonos and other designs. Meet the makers >>

For me and my sister it has always been important to establish a transparent production where you´re able to get to know the people behind your clothes. This week we´re super excited to invite you to this awesome event hosted by Ecosphere.se where we’ll talk about our holistic sustainability approach. Lots of kimonos will be waiting and lots of sharing – because the key to change is knowledge.


Let this week be a little reminder that we all can make a difference and your voice is important. 7 days to go, here are 7 ways to get involved and of course – it is never too late to start walk your talk and dress up for change:

1. Ask #whomademyclothesBe curious. Take a photo of your clothing label and tag the brand/retailer on instagram, asking #whomademyclothes? You can also send them an email, using the easy tool on our website. It only takes 2 minutes! When you speak, brands listen, so use your voice.

2. Sign our Manifesto. We love fashion. But we don’t want our clothes to exploit people or destroy our planet. During Fashion Revolution Week we will be launching a 10-point Manifesto with a strong message demanding radical revolutionary change for the fashion industry. We will invite you to sign your name and share our vision for a better fashion industry. 

3. Write a postcard to a policymaker. Your voice matters, use it! Write a postcard to a policymaker and ask them what they’re doing to create a fairer, safer, cleaner more transparent fashion industry. 

4. Create a love story. Take a stand against disposable fashion and create a Love Story about an item of clothing you cherish and will never throw away!

5. Try a #Haulternative Take part in our #haulternative challenge and update your wardrobe without buying new clothes. Choose from vintage, 2nd-hand, clothes-swapping, DIY and more!

6. Go to an event Check out our online calendar for events happening near you, from workshops to film screenings, catwalks and panel discussions. There are over 1000 events happening worldwide!

7. Donate To continue to grow Fashion Revolution as a global movement for change, we need your financial support. Please donate and help us keep going from strength to strength. 


LET’S DO THIS!!!! ✊🏽