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Beautiful collective
– thank you, thank you, thank you!

Once again, together, we have proved that it actually IS possible to change the world with style. As most of you already know we always give back 10 % of our turnover (yes, correct – not profit – but turnover) to an non-profit organization called Wild Heights and we can now announce that this amount of money covered all the school fees for each single child at the orphanage that we're focusing on supporting. How amazing is that? Your conscious choice of dressing up is leading to actual change and my sister and I couldn't be more proud.
This proves that this collective is way more than just fashionable clothing, right?  

This place is run by 
a non-profit social organization called HORAC, which stands for Home for Rescue of the Afflicted Children. The main purpose of the organization is to work for the welfare of the children, especially those who are the victim of political conflict in the country and the extreme poverty. This organization provides the basic needs like food, accommodation, clothes, education, love and care, special guidance and takes care of their basic rights, so that these children will be capable of living a meaningful life and contributing to the society in future (learn more here). 

Here is a little glimpse from the classroom where all the kids now are able to study another year. Amazing! Education truly is the key. 

And to give you all a little update from HORAC and what is happening this is a great example that shows why education is the key to development and positive change. As mentioned earlier, our main focus is to make sure that the young girls in Nepal are empowered in the way they say they need support. Their demand set the agenda for what we are contributing to and last year you helped us support the girls with all the pads, hygiene products and underwears they need for more than one year ahead. This particular area and especially menstruation in general is still today In Nepal, literally spoken of as “the untouchable time”. When in some communities, a woman is supposed to sleep outside the home (often in very unhygienic conditions), and is barred from cooking the family meal, collecting water, or entering temples. Nepal’s Supreme Court banned chhaupadi (menstruation practices) in 2005, calling it a human rights violation, but it has continued to flourish not only in Nepal’s mid- and far-western regions but in varying forms across the country, where fears of consequences for breaking menstrual taboos keep a tight grip. 
To spread awareness and in order tocounteract this stigma HORAC decided to set up an drama based on menstruation. Therefore, based upon such subject matter a good story is prepared and our HORAC children are showing it through the Drama.

Here are some glimpses from this important and life changing set up: 

Menstruation is a natural and biological process that occurs in women life. Though it is a natural process, but in some Nepalese society it has made some restriction/discrimination to women and those discrimination and restriction are different depending upon the community, geographical region, caste, religion etc.

We are so glad this happened since it is necessary to break the conservative thinking, behavior and practice. This is the small step towards the awareness and also, a small step towards change. And for these girls, it might be life changing.

So, by that we want to say thank you for your conscious choice and thank you for being taking a stand for our Mama Earth and her next generation through your wardrobe.
TogetHER we co-create a future for everyone – the most beautiful of them all. 

Love & light 

Lisa, co-founder