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Earth without ’art’ is just ’eh’ and this is something the talented artist Hanna definitely braid into her life in such a beautiful way. This changemaker was born in Tokyo and she is now based in our hometown Gävle where her paintings contain glimpses of her universe. Through her company
Senses Art Hanna call herself Sachiko Eklöf, the name she was given as a child. Sachiko means child of happiness and Hanna’s intention is to create art that can help you find your way back home to joy. We absolutely adore this woman and her ability to bring beauty in to other people lives. Diving into her world is truly a colorful journey filled with light. There is so much healing power embodied in her spirit and the footprint she leaves behind. We are forever grateful that Hanna’s heart beats a little extra for sustainability and just like her we do believe we evolve when we connect with others who care for our planet, but also other people. Meet Hanna Nordgren Sachiko Eklöf – and find out why her story matters.

What makes your heart sing?

Oh, there are so many things that make my heart sing! Laughter in general, for example, and when I dance in a way that feels good from top to toe. My heart also sings a little extra while I sit in meditation and when I feel in tune with other living beings. When conversations become deep and genuine I awake my soul and when I do something I haven't done before I also rise from within. My heart loves painting and when I am able to express myself through different forms of creativity. It also sings out load when I receive or give healing. Hugs are another key to joy and I also feel so much love when I see other people listening to their inner voice. My heart sings along also when I'm in water and when the moon and stars shine brightly in the sky. Walking barefoot in the grass or on sand is also a way to put the record on and moments when I am leaning into nature I do feel blessed. I guess my heart sings the most when I’m able to just be present with the now. 

Sustainability is something that is widely discussed in all types of contexts and especially when it comes to fashion. How do you define sustainability in your wardrobe?

According to me, sustainable fashion is making conscious choices before we buy clothes. I usually choose to buy second-hand, either in boutique or pre-loved garments from friends. A sustainable production is not only about material but includes human rights which leads to a reduced impact on our beloved earth and less suffering for our next generation. To me, it is not only important that the clothes I buy is consciously made and last long, but also that the garment has a deeper purpose.


All of our creations come with history lived by women in Nepal who previously carried these textiles as traditional saris.
Her story is now in your hands and you’re about to write next chapter. What will it be about?

I use my Cornelia Sun robes almost every day. To me these garments are versatile and there isn't really any occasion where I would not choose to use my beautiful pieces of art. I wear them on the beach, when I do yoga or exercise and I also stroll around at home. These creations can make any outfit pop and they dress me up for events, dinners and other kind of parties. Just like all humans, each piece is unique in its kind and to me that feels so special and beautiful.

My next chapter atm will be a lot about sharing. I am happy and grateful for this vernissage I am taking part in this up coming week at Little Art Cakery in Gävle. September 18th I’m about to opening an exhibition at Forsbacka Herrgård together with one of my soul sisters. I am also about to launch affirmation- and healing cards in order to guide you back to your heart. I love the idea that each garment comes with history and that I am now able to continue a global sisters story wearing these prints while sharing my way of expressing my soul through colorful prints and art. 

Hanna looking like the goddess she is wearing one of her Cornelia Sun maxi robes.

So, last but not least; Do you have any tips how to walk the talk and become a sustainable changemaker?

Think twice and ask yourself ’Do I really need to buy another dress, skirt, shirt?’. I do think that we often have lots of clothes that we have forgotten and who knows, maybe you will fall back in love with something you already own? Another way to walk the talk is to choose second hand and look for brands that offer recycled and up-cycled solutions. If you still want to go with new productions, buy clothes with good quality that will last over time. Exchange or buy garments from your friends and ask your loved ones for inspiration. Maybe they will find new, exciting ways to match and style what´s already in your wardrobe just by looking at your clohtes with new fresh eyes? And why not asking a child - they do know how to be creative and I am sure it can be lots of fun! 

 Dive into Senses Art via https://www.instagram.com/senses_arts/ or www.sensesarts.se and go check her vernissage out, September 3-11 in Gävle.


Thank you so much Hanna for being part of our portrait serie ’HERstory matters’. Not only your way of painting is inspiring, but also the way you put words into action in your day-to-day life. Keep on walking your talk and change the world with style.

All our love and light your way

~  from one sister to another.

xx Lisa and Julia, co-founders of Cornelia Sun Collective