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Meet Nicole –  a sustainability specialist who uses both her knowledge and creativity to inspire others to live more conscious. This inspiring free spirit has one of the most beautiful IG accounts and she truly lives the way she learns. Nicole is based up in the mountains in the Northern part of Sweden in a village called Åre and together with some local artists she runs a creative co-working studio called ’Studion’ – a place worth visiting for so many reasons. At the moment Nicole is also about to launch a conscious art club named the North Beyond (coming soon!) and last but not least she is also co-founder of the non-profit partner of our sister organization Wild Heights which we regularly are supporting in Nepal. In other words, this is an incredible source of inspiration and a changemaker delux. Let us introduce you to one of the most inspiring souls we've ever met: This is Nicole Modigh – and her story matters. 


Nicole at her co-working studio creating jewelry for her beautiful eco brand Free Spirit Shaking Soul: amazing handcrafted jewelry made in limited edition. Nicole has recently shifted her focus, still 100% on sustainability but other projects, yet her amazing crafts are still worn by changemakers around the globe. 

Sustainable fashion is something that is widely discussed in all types of contexts and especially when it comes to fashion.
What are your thoughts about this and how do you define sustainability in your closet?

Sustainable fashion to me means that we need to look at fashion from a bigger perspective. Fashion is about style and having fun, which is so important! But to me it's also so much more, fashion is a way of voting, it's a way of changing the world. Fashion is an industry affecting both societies, economies, and of course the environment. It’s a privilege that we are actually able to use our style as a voice for the people behind our clothes. We should honor the power we have when we choose our wardrobe and when we dress. 

For producers, it’s important to take responsibility for how their business is impacting the world and its workers. It should be a standard to care about these questions and choose to have a positive impact on the people and the planet. Sustainable fashion is also a matter of material/production and new tech VS old vintage. It's a jungle you might think, but remember that the classic “buy less, choose well & make it last” is the way to go. Vintage/remake and avoiding new products is one of the most sustainable choices when it comes to materials, but to make a change in the industry you also have to highlight the effects of production today and support the development of new technologies. For me, It's a combination of awareness about today, innovation, creativity, and vintage love.

Nicole in Nepal, working for Wild Heights and HORAC in order to empower young girls through education. Your conscious choice of dressing up for change through your wardrobe do make a difference for these young girls and Nicole does play an important part. Learn more about our collaboration HERE 

All of our creations come with history from women in India and Nepal who previously carried these textiles as traditional saris.
Her story is now in your hands and you are about to write the future chapter. What will it be about?

It’s a true honor to wear Cornelia Sun, because of so many reasons, a remake, and social empowering production who also creates awareness about today's industry. Everything I stand for and what I believe is the future of fashion. Each Kimono has a unique story to tell by the women, the culture, the industry, and the world - and wearing them makes my daily life the book cover of these stories. The way I act, move, and create will give all these stories a place to shine and create awareness. 

My kimonos I wear for all kinds of reasons and for all kinds of moments in life. They empower me in the mornings and helps me set the mood for my day, they also make me feel beautiful and proud when going out, or when I'm nervous about having a lecture for people. They also make my bad days shine because they always bring back so many memories from Nepal, and finally they also tag along on many of my mountain adventures as a shelter from the sun. There are always moments in life when your style can help you find your way, I'm glad Cornelia Sun is there to help me and guide me through. 

My next step in life at the moment is that we're hosting a Craft and Art Festival with Studion Åre and I'm releasing my new baby, the platform North & Beyond. Two big things that definitely make my heart race for both passion, excitement, but also stress and nervousness. I can't wait to put on my Cornelia Sun pieces to feel empowered as an unstoppable force for creativity and change. 

Nicole wearing Cornelia Sun Collective maxi robe in order to change the world with style.

Do you have any tips to share when it comes to becoming a changemaker through your wardrobe?

My best tips for using your style as a tool for sustainable development is to be creative with what you already have, choose with care, or choose nothing at all. Have swapping nights together with your friends, or have a local vintage event where you also exchange tips about creative ways to mend your clothes.  

  1. Ask yourself, do I actually need this garment? Will I use it and feel good wearing it? The most sustainable option is actually to buy less. 

  2. Look around, what is the most sustainable option? Do I have something similar in my wardrobe that I can make as a remake? Can I rent this garment for just this party weekend or is it possible to find it secondhand? 

  3. Which brands do I choose to wear? Do I feel proud and confident in what I am and create for the world when I wear this garment? Ask questions and contact brands and ask questions about their production - what does the production of the garment look like? what do the social conditions look like and how do they look at their environmental impact?

Check out the amazing platform A Sustainable Closet, for tons of inspiration. Also one of my favorite organizations for industry awareness, Fashion Revolution. Lets together create conscious styles and closet, and let's find out Who made my clothes?

Nicole and her creative soul sisters at inspiring Studion  – their concept studio for co-creations located in Åre, Sweden. 

We are so very grateful for collaborating with this AMAZING lady – we can´t wait to go visit Nicole and her creative soul sisters at Studion in Åre.
You should go there you too and support they the way they support earth. Thank you Nicole for taking part in our serie of stories, we can´t think of a more suitable role model to portrait and we are truly inspired by everything you touch. 
Together we can truly make a difference, not only for Mama Earth – but for the next generation of changemakers. 

Go follow Nicole;
Instagram: @nicolemodigh



from one sister to another

Lisa & Julia,
sisters and co-founders
Cornelia Sun Collective