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With a pledge to preserve the oceans, this year, World Ocean Day is based on the theme 'The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods'. What could be more suitable today than releasing this beautiful portrait featuring Madonna Madhu – our colorful soulsister and the female Octopus Teacher herself. ’Everyday should be Ocean Day’, she pleads and this mermaid truly knows what she's talking about. Madhu is not only an eco-friendly activist raising her voice for those who don´t speak human language, but also a professional beautifier ready to restore what is already here. We are blessed that she turned up on our first pop-up shop and since that day we are more or less like family. Together we´ve seen the world, but also discovered that home is where the heart is. And according to Madhu – our hearts – should be more blue. It is an honour to introduce you to our own priestess, jewelry designer, healer, reader and the most inspiring pacha mama warrior there is who´s dedicated to raise awareness about our oceans and all the living souls in the deep blue who are calling for our attention. Each and every day. This is Madonna Madhu – and her story matters.


Madhu, tell us about yourself – what makes your heart sing?

I am an "out of the box" woman with a rich life. I have traveled a lot both outwards and inwards. I love deep conversations and the presence of true friendship. I love being a mother of two sons. I love tarot and designing beautiful jewelry and malor. My favorite mantra is "Be like a pineapple; stand tall, wear your crone and be sweet from the inside". I see myself as a beautifier and I fall for fabric, colors, crystals, flowers, lemon trees, white peaches, herbs, the sea. And being surrounded by birdsong and the glitter from my lake where I swim almost every day, all year round. My heart sings among brave people and when I meet people with a big blue heart. My passion is the ocean and I am called to actively do something to save it. Therefore I run the the non-profit Blue Love Now which aim to raise awareness around the globe in order to restore all the beauty and all the living creatures in the big blue sea – because the time to make a difference is now.

Sustainable fashion is something that is widely discussed in all types of contexts and especially when it comes to fashion.
What are your thoughts about this and how do you define sustainability in your closet?

Sustainable fashion is very important and I try to buy eco clothes as much as possible. I avoid materials that can make an bad impact to our oceans and try to be conscious about the waste of water in general when it comes to the manufacturing part of the clothing industry.

All of our creations come with history from women in India and Nepal who previously carried these textiles as traditional saris.
Her story is now in your hands and you are about to write the future chapter. What will it be about?
I feel beautiful and in a free flow when I wear my Cornelia Sun pieces of art. I get a nice feeling inside out and can really sense the sisterhood spirit. I have followed your sustainability work for many years now and the whole concept and you two are fantastic – you truly practice what you preach.

So, last but not least; Do you have any tips to share when it comes to becoming a changemaker through your wardrobe?

The most important thing for me is to give away the clothes I do not use or feel beautiful in anymore. Life is too short not to feel good and there is always someone else out there who will enjoy your pieces and give them an enteral life. Sharing is caring.

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Thank you so much Madhu for sharing your love with us
and with Mama Earth – much love. From one sister to another. 


Lisa and Julia,
sisters and co-founders of
Cornelia Sun Collective