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Today, is exactly three years ago, me (Lisa) and my sister Julia founded Cornelia Sun. Three years since the two of us sat down in my sofa back in our apartment in Stockholm and started to talk about doing something together that actually could colorize someone else's life as well, Creativity has always been a big part of our lives and we´ve been making clothes to one another since we were kids.  Fashion, on the other hand, has always been fun, but the truth is that we do not actually care for neither trends nor labels. We started Cornelia Sun for a whole other reason. We wanted to find a way to channelise our creativity into a platform for something bigger. For something that could create change for women all over the globe, for women who are our global sisters – because we´re all connected. We wanted to find a way to raise awareness about sustainability and global consideration. We wanted to create an easy way for people to enable them to stand up and empower one another. And above all, we wanted it to be fun to become a changemaker. Three years ago, she was born – and she came with love and light.
Two sisters, one vision; we want to change the world with style. Three years has passed since we sew our first kimono sample, created the label and put our vision down on paper. Three years has passed since the day we transformed our hobby into a business with a greater purpose.
Time flies when you have fun and our baby is growing. We could not be more proud of her, of us – nor of YOU. Because without your support, we could not have come this far. You are the light. You ARE Cornelia Sun. During these past years our vision about a fair and an eco-friendly clothing label has gone from being a tiny small activity into a growing global movement. An office is ready, but we´re just getting started. It is still me and my sister Julia who represents the team, but things are in the making.  Today the two of us are the ones who design your clothes, make new samples, answer your e-mails, develop the website and pack your orders. We're also the ones who get creative in social media, arrange all events and pop-up shops and hold lectures about sustainable fashion. We are the drifters and dancers, sun worshippers and risk takers. The dreamers, the lovers and change makers. 
BUT, things are moving forward and what could be a better birthday gift than opening up for even more love and light? We just finished our little office space in Dalarna (Sweden) and this is just the perfect place for us to grow. Since I, Lisa work part time as a social worker in this region (yes, we do have jobs on the side and I´m at the moment focusing on children´s rights – more about that and what Julia is up to in a up coming blog post) it will primary be me who´s going to work from this spot. BUT, as said, we're ready to expand in many different ways and we got so many exciting things to share with you starting from today. This up coming period of time will be about building community and collaborate to create change. These month ahead will give you the opportunity to be the change, simple by dressing up in honestly produced beauty.
We are taking this step because of you and without your support this burning light that guide us wouldn't be this strong. We're building a community of love and light and together we're coloring the world into a more sustainable, fair and loving place. Cornelia Sun is on fire and YOUR time has come to shine! We´re expanding our team and our sisterhood will raise like the sun herself.
More info about how to become a part of our team will be released later on this fall

– we can´t wait to invite you to our colorful world!!!
... and to give you another little hint of what´s about to set we´ll show you some glimpses from our brand new office and if you look really close you get a sneak peek on our new logo type which is about to launch very soon. So thrilled for this fresh new look, it frames our values, our vision and the core of Cornelia Sun in the most beautiful way. Hope you´ll like it as much as we do.

And last but not least. THANK YOU so much for helping us building this loving community of changemakers. You are the sunshine of this movement and this movement is because of you. 

Three years ago, two sisters sat down to share their big dreams with each other,

Today, a global sisterhood is standing strong, dedicated to change the world with style – from one sister to another
 may everyday be filled with love and light!