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Some people call this up coming Friday black and some even say that the whole week is named Black Week. in some way, we agree with this – because it comes with dark consequences for both our people and planet. 
It's estimated that £10bn could be spent in the UK over the Black Friday period, £2.5bn in a single day. In Sweden it is the same, people are shopping like there is no tomorrow! But to what cost? And who is actually paying the price when we don´t?
This campaign called Black Friday does not sit well with us at all. According to us, all days are green – no matter what other people or companies say. In our eyes this is just another call for mass production AND mass consumption. A circle of destruction that we all have a responsibility to move fashion forward into a more sustainable loop. To make a statement against over-consumption we are happy to join a great Swedish initiative called #WhiteMonday – a movement that aims to highlight circular options and alternative to fast fashion, because there are other ways to go. We don´t think that you should stop shopping for good, no. We just want you to start ask yourself; who is paying the price here? Because if you don´t – someone else is. Let us explain our thoughts;

Ever since we started working with Cornelia Sun we have always been very careful about not over-producing. In the beginning we sew every single garment ourselves but since we rann out of time we decided to start collaborate with this small family-run business in Nepal. To avoid ending up with a stock that don´t sell out we do only place an order based on demand. That means that we rarely have lots of garment that do not find their way out to you. It also enable us to keep the number of deliveries down since having our production far away has an environmental aspect to. This together is one reason why we do not NEED to offer discounts and jump on the sale train. 

Another reason why you won’t see sales in our webshop is because we do not WANT it. We believe our garments come with a constant value. To us it is important to make sure that the people who wear our design truly feel that we together honor the origin of the stories that are embedded in each print. Because this is not JUST clothing. This is a way to reconnect to one another in so many levels. And above all, a way to take care of our one and only Mother Nature. And last but not least, it cost a little extra to produce small collections made under fair and ethical circumstances and this is why the price tag is what it is. Something we NEVER will compromise with!!!!

And with all this said, we´re not perfect non of us. Both me and my sister have garments in our wardrobe from the big giants and this is nothing we´re proud to share – but it is the truth and somehow we believe you like to hear. And like we frist said, we don´t ask you to stop shopping for good. Just be more conscious and choose products with an ethical and sustainable production. 

We always try to challenge ourselves before we buy something by asking; do I really NEED this? If the answer is YES we go; Can I find an alternative way to consume this product? Today there are so many more alternatives though to fast fashion and we can all do something to walk a little lighter on this earth and on this, for some of us, new conscious path. Lending, hiring, second hand or just reuse what you already have but in another constellation. We can all do something if we just open up our minds and get a little creative. We know you´re the best already and we love your guys for that. So keep up the good work, share your thoughts with friends, family and whoever listening. And whatever you do and even if your X-mas won´t be as white as you wish for, always remember this:

 Reuse, repair, recycle and make sure you truly treat
your existing garments as the good friends they are ❤