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Today we´re so proud to find our beautiful, wise and inspiring friend Ingmari Lamy wearing one of our design in the latest issue of Vouge Magazine
where she is chosen as one of 100 influencers. According to us, she´s THE number 1 – each and every day ❤

Ingmari Lamy in her Cornelia Sun kimono featured in Vouge Magazine as one out of 100 influencers in the world. We´re so proud and humble
to know our design is worn by this beautiful, conscious human being and couldn´t be happier finding sustainable fashion on this stylish list. 

Excerpt from nomination in Vouge Magazine: 
"Ingmari Lamy might have been spotted by a model scout while dancing the night away at a Paris hotspot in 1967, but at heart this nature lover, artist, and healer is a self-described “wood nymph.” Since the advent of Instagram, she’s also become an icon of advanced bohemian style.  This Stockholmer, who once designed her own line, and was a muse and assistant designer to Kenzo Takada, has a special affinity for textiles, which she often combines into multi-layered, midi-length looks".

We´re happy to know Ingmari personally since she has worn our kimonos for years. Ingmari was actually one of the first souls who believed in us and our vision and for that we´re forever grateful. It´s always a bless meeting up with this brilliant, wise and inspiring change maker and as young woman you definitely find her as a true role model.

Co-founder Lisa, Ingmari Lamy and co-founder Julia meeting up to share stories, creativity and light. Always such a bless to hang out. 

In the latest issue of Vouge magazine Ingmari says her style philosophy is “to love the poetry of the clothes I choose to wear” and we couldn´t agree more.
Our clothes tell stories and you´re the author of the next chapter. It´s time for us to w
rite history – and make herstory matter.  Thank you Ingmari for being such a beautiful soul inside out and for helping us change the world with style.

xo Lisa and Julia, sisters and co-founders of Cornelia Sun Collective