30-50% SALE - we´re closing down #loveandletgo


Dear Collective,

First of all, we hope you and your loved ones are doing ok despite this special era of time. My sister and I are fine (as well as our family and friends) but our small business is of course impacted.  Luckily, the two of us are not financially depending on the income from our sales (we have other jobs aside) and in that sense are the circumstances not that devastating. BUT, the thing is, that our co-workers in Nepal really need our collaboration to continue. They are also doing ok due to their health (thank God!) but they do live from this business and need us to continue to place orders.  So, based on that, we are so very happy and grateful for all the support we get through this and our heart goes out to all you people who send us love and light in any kind of way.  IT MEANS THE WORLD! Not only to the two of us, but literally in the sense that your support enable us to keep supporting and empowering our global sisters and our co-workers in Nepal 🌎

When you support us, we can continue to stand up for the earth we stand on and continue to restore existing beauty.
Because we need to keep doing that. More of us need to do that, for her. So. We just wanted to say thanks for letting us.

And... to give you something new to thrive into we just launched a new design. Yey! We thought, 'everything is changing – so why not do it with style?'. Therefore, we designed a kimono jacket that is reversible and this master piece enable you to choose between two different styles. Two-in-one AND one-of-a-kind, made with love from up-cycled textiles in order to restore beauty that already exists. This beauty comes with pockets on each side and it drapes you in amazing comfort. A statement piece that allows you to be different and to choose who you want to be.


Check out this piece of art HERE and find your own favorite darling. 
As a tribute longtivity – into the eternity. From one sister to another.

Keep sending love & light towards yourself, your loved ones and your local community.
Keep kissing the ground while sitting in stillness. We will make it through and we believe in the good things coming 


Love & light

Lisa and Julia. sisters/co-founders of Cornelia Sun Collective