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An evening to remember...

THANK YOU so much all you beautiful souls who came to our release party the other day to celebrate love and light in time of the year when we need it the most.

Just by showing up, you started our fire and we hope that you walked home with a little glimpse of hope in your heart too, and with a mindset believing in the good things coming. We’re so happy that we got the chance to share our story and we can’t wait to share yours too.

Jesper Lindell singing for a better world.

Us talking about sustainable fashion.

All you beautiful souls  who came to listen.
To us, sustainability is more than just eco-friendly material and ethical production and we’re grateful that you’ve joined us on a journey towards global consideration and collective change. Let’s continue co-create by sharing textiles, experiences and knowledge. And let’s walk through life knowing what we share is more powerful than what divides us. 
We love you! ❤️ xx Lisa och Julia Bläckt,
sisters and founders of Cornelia Sun Collective 

Special thanks to 
Ecosphere.se 109 World Amazingsociety Jesperlindellmusic Rawstation 
who made the evening extra colorful 🔝